Augmented Training
Seabery Augmented Training is an Ed-Tech Resources Management Platform made of cutting-edge technologies aimed to provide a comprehensive educational solution in different areas such as industry, medicine, army, etc.
Seabery Augmented Training allows you to multiply the effective practice time while dramatically reducing the costs of training and its associated risks drastically. The way of deploying the contents by merging theory and practice increases the motivation of the students, their capacity of acquiring knowledge and finally their productivity.
Simulation with 4D Augmented Reality enables an incredibly realistic training experience never seen before, interacting with real objects rather than virtual ones.
Seabery Augmented Training incorporates advanced technologies that interact with each other to offer a highly efficient educational model
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Teacher Software
Easy-to-use TEACHER SOFTWARE that manages the training process and allows you to develop your own content. It also enables the instructor to monitor in real time the activity of each student, evaluate it, and generate detailed reports.
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e-Learning Platform
For theoretical and multimedia content. The course starts anywhere! It is synchronized with the Teacher Software and allows you to perform tests and online tutoring. It is available from any mobile device or PC.
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AR Simulator
STUDENT SIMULATORS WITH AUGMENTED REALITY to let trainees practice all the time they need. Videogames tools are great for learning while enhancing their motivation. The use of Augmented Reality is pioneer and makes it possible to "transform" a physical object so that it behaves depending on the action of the user, allowing a notable increase of effective practice time. We call it Transformed Reality!
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Analysis Module
The ANALYSIS MODULE is available in both the Teacher Software and the Student Simulator and allows the instructor to review every exercise whenever he wants and score it or comment with the trainee, letting him know what he did wrong, where and why.
Real Training
ON-SITE work training is necessary as Seabery Augmented Training is not intended to replace real training to complement and improve it!
Classroom Network
This tool allows the instructor to monitor every student’s activity in real time, providing valuable information and total control over the training process.
New Educational Model
Progressive flow educational model. This allows to attract young people to industrial careers and multiply your capacity of training with a lower cost = high efficiency.
Web designed to provide the best customer care to end-users and distributors around the world. Several options to upgrade the standard version are also available here.
Seabery Service Center
Remote maintenance and after-sale services in real-time worldwide. Free and frequent system updates that ensure the quality of the product and a secure investment
APPS for smartphones and tablets that boost students’ involvement in their learning experience using gaming to increase motivation and promote competitiveness.